Case Study

Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council is the 3rd largest unitary local authority in the UK serving a population of just over 600,000.

The Council made a strategic decision to enhance their existing centralised Debt Management team to deal with the recovery of all types of debt (i.e. from Council Tax, Business Rates and all other Sundry Debt).

The objective was to provide a corporate approach to the recovery of debt owed to the Council, i.e. if a Council Tax payer was in arrears they want to be able to see immediately the corporate arrears position for that debtor and pursue the total amount owing. This enhanced service is provided by a team of more than 60 collection staff.

To support this new set-up the existing in-house debt recovery application needed to be replaced. After a competitive process the ASPIEN system from Ash Information Systems was selected.

This was followed by a complex implementation that involved developing interfaces both to and from each of the authority’s three major debt originating systems, as well as their Cash Receipting system. New debts, payments, balance changes and changes to customer details are updated via these daily interfaces and automatically assigned to the Recovery Officers via rules set by the Council.

Chris Thomson, Glasgow City Council, Revenues & Benefits Manager (Debt Recovery) says:

“The corporate approach to the recovery of arrears we wanted had always been hindered by the technology available to the Council. The implementation of the ASPIEN system is regarded as the first vital step to achieving a holistic approach to the recovery of monies owed to the Council. Ash Information Systems were flexible and professional in their implementation approach and continue to improve and enhance their product and provide support in line with customer expectations.

The ASPIEN system is now successfully running in a busy and demanding environment and fully meeting pre-implementation expectations.”

Our Products

  • Sundry Debtors Management

    The Sundry Debtors Management system provides a full end-to-end solution for the management of sundry income in local authorities of all sizes.

  • Corporate Debt Recovery

    The Aspien Corporate Debt Recovery system allows local authorities to administer a corporate approach to the management of debt by integrating debts from all revenue systems to provide a single view of debt.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Focus provides organisations with the tools to deliver high quality Customer Service which can lead directly to an increased level of customer satisfaction and loyalty and has the additional benefit of positively impacting on the bottom-line.

  • Childcare Centres Administration

    The system provides the means for monitoring and charging for attendance at clubs/centres.

  • Garden Waste Management

    The system provides the means of billing for garden waste collection. Integration can be provided with your Job Processing, CRM and Sundry Debtor Management Systems.

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