Corporate Debt Recovery

The Aspien Corporate Debt Recovery system allows local authorities to administer a corporate approach to the management of debt by integrating debts from all revenue systems to provide a single view of debt.

Functionality is provided which allows recovery processes to be performed in Aspien for one or more of the source revenue systems. Alternatively, Aspien can be used as key information tool for officers of source revenue systems allowing decision making to be made on the corporate picture rather than a narrow single system view.

Key Benefits

  • Incorporates sophisticated debtor matching routines to identify and resolve duplicate debtors.
  • Pre-Legal and Legal processing of debts.
  • Can be used in a centralised (i.e. corporate Debt Recovery Team) or decentralised environment – i.e. departments continue to recover their own debt with the advantage of a single view of debt.
  • Powerful instalment arrangement facilities allow multiple debt types to be incorporated in a single arrangement.
  • Automated Direct Debit facilities including AUDDIS, ADDACS & ARUDD processing – full paperless validation of accounts and interactive scripting.
  • Fully integrated with MS Word, Outlook and Excel (all versions to Office 2013).
  • Optional BIDS billing and recovery module.

Our Products

  • Sundry Debtors Management

    The Sundry Debtors Management system provides a full end-to-end solution for the management of sundry income in local authorities of all sizes.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Focus provides organisations with the tools to deliver high quality Customer Service which can lead directly to an increased level of customer satisfaction and loyalty and has the additional benefit of positively impacting on the bottom-line.

  • Childcare Centres Administration

    The system provides the means for monitoring and charging for attendance at clubs/centres.

  • Garden Waste Management

    The system provides the means of billing for garden waste collection. Integration can be provided with your Job Processing, CRM and Sundry Debtor Management Systems.